The Football Faithful

Community Management & Platform Growth


  • Content Strategy Development
  • Digital Plumbing Set-Up (Pixel Set-Up & Retargeting Audience Definition)
  • Increase the volume of high-value web traffic from the U.K. & Ireland
  • Decrease the Cost-Per-Click when targeting high-value audiences within the UK & Ireland

What We Did

  • Content Advisory
  • Digital Plumbing Set-Up (Retargeting Pixel Set-Up)
  • Social Media AdSet & Audience Optimisation
  • Public Relations & Brand Development
  • Brand Partnership Development

Results to date

  • Social Media Following grown by 24%
  • Increased UK based traffic by 9% (Jan-Jul ’18 vs. Jan-Jul ’19)
  • Increased Irish-Based traffic by 461% (Jan-Jul ’18 vs. Jan-Jul ’19)
  • Decreased the Cost-Per-Click from 0.07 to 0.01
  • Secured Carling as a brand partner, providing sponsorship for The Football Faithful as a whole
  • Secured placement on news aggregators such as One Football & JAFA Application

Future Roadmap

  • Continue to increase the growth in high-value traffic to the site
  • Develop The Football Faithful into a viable option for segmented sponsorship opportunities
  • Live Event Management & Content