Brand Definition & Digital Marketing Set-Up


  • Brand Definition & Logo for business focussed around Body Composition & VO2 Max Analysis
  • Build high-impact website for newly established Body-Track brand
  • Set-Up Online Presence & Digital Marketing Platforms
  • Rollout of the initial influencer engagement strategy

branding & logo creative

  • We worked directly with the client to define the brand & the image they convey externally
  • Regular client-agency brainstorm sessions along with in-depth market research to shape ideas
  • Consumer focus-groups for testing & quality assurance
  • As a result we produced a high-impact brand icon & tagline which resonates with client's target market

Website development

  • Based on the brand definition we built a brand centric website
  • The website was fully-optimised for Mobile & Desktop
  • Integration of the client online booking portal for direct sign-up
  • Enablement of customer queries directly linked to client email for seamless integration
  • Client provided with a simple framework allowing them to make updates to the site when necessary

Digital Presence

  • We created an effective online presence across Facebook & Instagram for Body-Track
  • Defined specific ad sets to allow the client to quickly & efficiently sponsor and promote posts across social channels
  • Supplied the client with initial audience building guidelines
  • Provided definitive content creation & content marketing advisory

Influencer Engagement

  • To help amplify the brand we recruited several influencers within the target market to test the machine and share the messaging across social media

Campaign impact

  • Built brand from no more than an idea, to a well known and premium brand in the body composition market.
  • Created a brand specific website that has traffic of over 1000 per month and has converted 186 sales in opening quarter
  • Built a cohort of brand advocates through our influencer out reach program
  • Created online, social & direct consumer channels that has converted over 75% of Body-Track sales to date